Lerner Law Firm offers aggressive legal representation for people who have been injured by the unsafe, careless, or wrongful acts of others. The firm has handled hundreds of cases and secured millions of dollars in settlements and judgments on behalf of injured people and their families.  

Our approach is simple: If you or a loved one was injured, we will aggressively pursue the parties who wronged you – and any insurance policies they may have – until the case settles for a fair amount or the jury delivers a verdict at trial.

We pursue and litigate cases in state and federal courts throughout California, against individuals, corporations, product manufacturers, hospitals, doctors, and government agencies responsible for negligently causing injury or death.

Attorney Neer Lerner

Neer Lerner is a personal injury and wrongful death attorney who has been practicing throughout California since 2009. Neer has recovered millions of dollars for his clients in settlements and trial verdicts, often obtaining recoveries in difficult cases where the other side heavily disputes liability and responsibility for the injuries.

Neer has successfully litigated and resolved claims in a broad range of fields, including injuries and death arising from vehicle and premises liability cases, product/device failure, dog bites, medical malpractice, negligent security, assault and battery, gunshot injuries, excessive use of force, and wrongful death.

Prior to forming Lerner Law Firm, Neer worked for a decade on the “other side” representing retail stores, construction companies, doctors, medical facilities, and insurance companies in injury, wrongful death, and employment actions in state and federal court. In that capacity, he gained a reputation as an aggressive, effective, and detail-oriented litigator and a shrewd and creative negotiator skilled in getting complicated cases resolved.

Neer eventually grew tired of defending businesses and insurance companies that routinely look for ways to avoid adequately compensating people injured by negligent or reckless conduct. Neer formed Lerner Law Firm with the mission of providing aggressive and effective legal representation to injured people ensuring they are not taken advantage of or denied fair compensation for their injuries.

Neer has been practicing law since 2009 and is licensed in California, and in federal district courts in California and New Mexico. He is a proud member of Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA).

Neer’s accomplishments have been recognized through selection to the Southern California Rising Stars lists featured in Super Lawyers magazine for the years 2019-2023–an honor given to no more than 2.5% of attorneys in Southern CaliforniaHe also lectures on legal topics to a national audience and is recognized as Distinguished Faculty by Lorman Education Services.

Lerner Law Firm handles personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout the State of California. Attorney Neer Lerner has litigated cases in over 30 counties in California.

Neer speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Strategic, Aggressive, and Client-Focused

Neer’s prior experience as a defense attorney handling complex and often highly technical disputes gave him substantial insight into the tactics and strategies used by insurance companies and businesses when evaluating, litigating, negotiating, and taking personal injury and death cases to trial.

Accident injuries are often serious, painful, anxiety-provoking, life-altering, and permanent. Beyond the pain and suffering, injuries often cause people to lose wages and career opportunities; impose unnecessary stress on loved ones and damage relationships; and limit the ability to interact with family and friends, travel, drive, and much more.

Insurance companies, large businesses, and employer have significant resources to try to discredit or limit claims by injured parties (with the hope of paying nothing or close to nothing). The best way to fight this injustice is by mounting an effective and aggressive case early on, giving the best chance for a fair settlement. Neer believes in preparing each case for trial from the moment he takes on a client’s case.

Fighting for the Underdog

In 2014, Neer founded Legal Seagull LLC, which produces interactive video tutorials and sample litigation documents for non-attorneys representing themselves in court (“pro per” or “pro se”) and for attorneys with little to no litigation experience.

Through Legal Seagull, Neer gives back to the community by helping to level the litigation playing field, breaking down and explaining complicated legal procedures (e.g., depositions, motions, court appearances, trial, etc.) in ordinary, everyday language instead of “Legalese.”

Aside from law, Neer is an avid (but totally average) chess and racquetball player.

Open Communication Policy

We know that our clients are actual people and not just case files, and we value our clients’ health and financial recovery above all else. We do not leave our clients wondering how their case is progressing, and give regular updates on all important aspects of your claim.

As for our fees, we work on a contingency fee arrangement, which means that if we do not win or settle your case, you pay us no fees. Our initial consultations are free, and are an opportunity to determine whether we can take on your case.

Call us today at (818) 576-8282 or fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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